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Cosmetic Dental Celebrity Patients

Aug 26, 2015
Cosmetic Dental Celebrity Patients
Cosmetic dental operations can be equally as important as traditional treatments for your teeth. It isn’t just about looking good. It’s about the practical benefits for your personal self-esteem...

Cosmetic dental operations can be equally as important as traditional treatments for your teeth. It isn’t just about looking good. It’s about the practical benefits for your personal self-esteem, as well as how much a set of pristine teeth help you in your everyday interactions.

The above is especially true for celebrities, who spend the bulk of their working lives in front of millions of people. A perfect set of teeth goes a long way in extending that career, as well as making sure they’re at their best when they step out in front of the cameras.

Cosmetic Dental Celebrity Patients

Celebrities with Megawatt Smiles

Most celebrities have had at least some cosmetic dental work done – after all, money isn’t a concern, and they’re out being noticed much too often not to care what their teeth look like. The following represent some of the most obvious celebrity transformations with respect to cosmetic dentistry.

  • Songstress Celine Dion:For a span of about a decade, this uber-Canadian was probably the most recognizable singing voice in an array of blockbuster movies. With a voice equally as sultry and powerful as it is smooth, her teeth were distinctly uneven in the early part of her career. As she made it (very) big in Hollywood, she had the size of her teeth chiseled evenly down and brightened. Her smile is now absolutely dazzling.
  • The Former Most Eligible Bachelor – George Clooney: A-list actor George Clooney was never one to lose out on a woman’s affection because of his teeth, but they were noticeably more crooked in the past than they are today. He’s clearly had some porcelain veneers added to slightly change the shape of his front teeth – and likely some work done on the back teeth, as well. His front teeth, in particular, are fuller now.
  • Mission Impossible – Tom Cruise: There have only ever been a handful of actors as bankable as Cruise. Everything he touches pretty much turns to gold on the big screen. He’s parlayed that unique level of success to help him correct his teeth, which were quite bad at the beginning of his career. Crooked, yellowed and chipped, cosmetic dental techniques have really brightened Tom’s entire countenance. Today, his smile is positively radiant.
  • The Voice of God – Actor Morgan Freeman: The set of teeth attached to that famously deep and gravelly baritone was not always as bright and clean as they are today. Tremendous actor Morgan Freeman didn’t have anything seriously wrong with his teeth – it’s just that teeth can yellow with age. He invested in some cosmetic dental techniques and got his act cleaned up spectacularly. It has no doubt helped him keep up an admirable pace of movie work well into his seventh decade of life.
  • Rap Star 50 Cent: One of the highest-grossing rap stars ever, 50 Cent had one of the best excuses for having cosmetic dental work done as he was shot in the mouth right before his career took off. His pre-existing gap was taken care of, and the rest of the work he had done enhanced what was already an engaging smile. Unlike many others, however, 50 Cent didn’t mind the larger-than-average size of his front teeth, and instructed his dentists to maintain that look.

Cosmetic Dental Celebrity Patients

Clearly, for celebrities, appearance is everything. But you don’t have to be a movie star to appreciate the range and utility of cosmetic dentistry, which can replace lost teeth and restore your smile to its brightest glory. Consult with the professionals at Gables Sedation Dentistry to let us bring out the most in your smile.