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Dental Tips For The Whole Family

Feb 01, 2017
Dental Tips For The Whole Family
Dental hygiene isn’t just important for your kids. Keeping your teeth clean and in healthy shape is important for the whole family. Yes, that means you too, adults...

Dental hygiene isn’t just important for your kids. Keeping your teeth clean and in healthy shape is important for the whole family. Yes, that means you too, adults.

We know you do an exceptional job staying on top of your kids’ oral health, but do you need some new, bright ideas for inciting their routines? Shall we dare propose, some cunning ways to boost your own routine?

Well, fear no more. GablesSedation Family Dentistry wants nothing more than to see your whitest, brightest smile this year.

Let’s see what dental hygiene tipsthe experts have in store for us:

  • Create an incentive, like offering a bedtime story only after ten minutes of brushing. Yes, ten minutes! This means more time for your little ones to spend washing; more time for you brush or maybe, get a quick chore done around the house.
  • Establish the routine as time spent together. This allows the window for you monitor their brushing, ensure they’re doing it correctly, brush your teeth and clock in some fun, funny mirror time.
  • Kids learn by example, so make a habit of showing off your teeth brushing. Drink a coffee? Grab that toothbrush and brush in the living room while they finish telling their story before school. Walk around when you floss. This gives you a chance to scope out ongoings of the house seemingly innocently and to show them how important the practice is.
  • Provide entertainment while your child brushes. Maybe read an engaging children’s book- maybe it’s even about teeth brushing! Channel your inner creativity and come with songs or rhymes to sing while your child addresses each tooth.
  • Weave choices into the activity to detract from the obligatory sentiment of the hygienic routine. It can’t be optional to brush at all, but you can ask if you child wants to brush the top or bottom first. If they want to use mint toothpaste or bubble gum. If tonight, they want to brush regular or extra-long.
  • Flossing is still as important as the dentist told you when you were getting your adult teeth. It’s never too late to start flossing regularly, and you can trust that it’s always a good idea. Flossing cleans out bacteria and makes your gums stronger and leaves your teeth looking orderly and clean. Brushing comes naturally, so make flossing the priority. Instead of thinking, ‘time to brush my teeth,’ train yourself to think, ‘time to floss my teeth.’ The brushing will come naturally after.
  • Avoid drinks that stain your teeth– soda, coffee, and alcohol. If you just have to have that cup, brush your teeth right after! It’s okay to slip, but help your body get a jumpstart on the repair whenever you can.
  • Don’t put off the dentist! Remind yourself and your kids that the more frequently you visit, the shorter your visits are and the fewer problems there will be to address. If your kids find the dentist daunting, make it exciting! Have them make a list of all the good hygiene habits they have been practicing. This instills confidence in their oral health- they know they can’t be in trouble after performing such good hygiene all season. Make a whole day out of it- a dentist theme morning and evening. An extra ten minutes of lights before bed. Associate the dentist with fun, positive notions.

These tips are just the beginning. If you need help better understanding the most important aspects of oral hygiene or crafting gimmicks that encourage the whole family to brush, our team is your go-to for insight and ideas. When you are looking for a family dentistry near me, come into Coral Gables dentistry! We are proud to provide the best care as a family dentist Miami.