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Three Common Preventative Dental Procedures

Nov 28, 2016
Three Common Preventative Dental Procedures
When it comes to your health, preventative care is the most beneficial action that you can take to stay healthy and save money on your healthcare. This is no different when it comes to your teeth and oral health...

When it comes to your health, preventative care is the most beneficial action that you can take to stay healthy and save money on your healthcare. This is no different when it comes to your teeth and oral health. Why are preventative habits important? By practicing good daily oral hygiene habits, you can keep your teeth healthy and more money in your pocket. Alongside your daily brushing and flossing routine, most dentists offer various preventative dental procedures that help keep your mouth as healthy as possible and prevent any future problems. Here is an overview of some of the preventative measures that dentists and dental hygienists perform.

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Through various techniques like scaling and root planning, patients can see great results relating to their periodontal (gum) health. These methods are used to carefully clean the root surface to remove any plaque or tartar buildup that is usually found in deep gum pockets. The surface of the root is also smoothed out to remove any bacterial toxins as well as to make it hard for any bad bacteria to gather going forward. If the patient has severely deep pockets, an additional step may be necessary after cleaning, which includes the local delivery of antimicrobials or antibiotics to help keep the healthy gums clean and infection-free. Your dentist will make the recommendation if they believe that you would benefit from non-surgical gum therapy treatments in combination with your routine visits.

Dental Prophylaxis

Dental prophylaxis is a deep cleaning method that is similar to the non-surgical gum therapy. Treatment is used to halt the progression of periodontal disease or gingivitis and involves cleaning above and below the gum line. There are many benefits of dental prophylaxis like tartar/plaque removal from the tooth surface and gum pockets. Patients also notice an aesthetic difference of a whiter smile after stains have been removed. Fresher breath can be an added benefit because periodontal disease is often linked to halitosis (chronic bad breath) that can be caused by a combination of rotting food particles that are caught in the gum pockets and possible gangrene from infection of those deep pockets. Routine prophylaxis treatments are an invaluable way to identify other oral health problems before they become more serious and more costly. Dental prophylaxis is performed during a routine dental exam.

Dental Imaging

By taking advantage of the newest 3D imaging technology available, dentists are now able to view a patient’s dental anatomy from multiple angles. 3D scans offer a much better view of bone structures and root placements to help locate canals and root fractures. Also, dentists are able to evaluate and diagnose infections, sinus problems, TMJ bone degeneration, cysts, supernumerary teeth and more. One of the best 3D imaging machines on the market is the i-CAT FLX MV, which allows the dentist to target a specific area in order to minimize the amount of radiation that the patient is exposed to. Offering superb clarity, which is crucial for evaluation and diagnostics, the i-CAT FLX MV is a great advancement in the field of dental medicine.

These are three very common preventative dental methods that dentists use to help keep your mouth and teeth healthy. While seeing your dentist regularly can prevent a large number of issues from turning into severe problems, the best way for you to protect your oral health is to practice effective preventative habits on your own in between routine visits. Proper daily brushing and flossing along with smart choices of food for healthy gums and teeth will be the biggest help for maintaining your white, healthy smile. If you are looking for a new dentist, contact Gables Sedation & Family Dentistry of Miami to schedule your appointment today.