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Tips for Your New Life With Dentures

Mar 16, 2023
Tips for Your New Life With Dentures
Dentures are a popular and cost-effective way to replace missing teeth. While dentures can be very helpful, it can take some time to adjust to them. Read on to learn how you can quickly get comfortable with your dentures.

If you just got dentures or have decided to get them, congratulations. As of 2020, more than 40 million Americans are enjoying the benefits of replacing their missing teeth with dentures.

Dentures can improve a person’s appearance and their ability to eat and speak. At the same time, dentures can be a big adjustment. But with a few tips, you can overcome the early awkward weeks and enjoy your dentures for years to come. 

At Gables Sedation Dentistry in the Coral Gables neighborhood of Miami, Jorge Fornaris, DMD, and Ramiro Esparragoza, DDS, have given many people bright new smiles with dentures. In this blog, they explain how you can adjust to living life with dentures.

Dentures may feel loose at first

Your dentures won’t fall out like in a slap-stick comedy, but they may feel loose during the first few weeks. However, dentures don’t just rely on suction or dental adhesive for a tight fit.

In fact, the muscles of your cheek and tongue actually learn to keep them in place as well. In time, you’ll get used to the dentures, and they’ll feel less loose and more comfortable. 

Be patient with food

With practice, people with dentures can eat almost anything, excluding only the stickiest candies and gum. However, it will take some time before you can dig into a filet or take a bite out of an apple.

As you start, eat small bites of soft foods. Chew with both sides of your mouth and be cautious with hot or sharp foods. Over time, you’ll be able to take bigger bites and add new foods. Also, don’t sacrifice nutrition for ease. You’ll still need to eat a healthy diet. 

Sing to speak

You may find certain words hard to pronounce after getting dentures. In fact, it may feel like your dentures are in the way or blocking your tongue.

To get used to speaking with your dentures, try singing along to your favorite music to relearn how to form certain words. Singing smooth, fluid phrases at slower rates may help you regain your normal pronunciation. 

Remember to care for your gums and dentures

Your bedtime routine may take a little longer after you get dentures. You should brush your dentures all over when you take them out at night, including the bottom that touches your gums.

After you’ve brushed them, soak them overnight in a denture-cleaning solution. Once your dentures are taken care of, brush your gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth with a soft-bristle brush.

If you’re interested in dentures or want to learn more about replacing missing teeth, call 305-518-1822 or book an appointment online with Gables Sedation Dentistry today.